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Will push the new heaters industry standards in China

Release date: 2020/10/10 9:59:16 Views:8110
It is known that the thermal wave heater, USES is currently heating appliances industry the most advanced far infrared thermal wave conduction technology, is the light is soft and not dazzling, security, explosion-proof, waterproof), low energy consumption, have medicine physical therapy effect of a new generation of green health heaters, was the industry known as "family royal SPA".
"Compared with the traditional bath bully, JiBaiLi thermal wave heater has its natural advantages." Shanghai's fudan university institute of electric light source Zhang Shanduan professor said, "the traditional bath bully using hard glass, prone to burst. The thermal wave heaters use explosion-proof quartz glass, high thermal stability, waterproof and explosion proof performance is very high."
Infrared expert professor Wang Yaming added: "the wind warm preheat time is long, energy consumption is large, only local heating; carbon fiber heating tube using the carbon fiber material, make the metal easily carbonized, in use process has certain security hidden danger. The JiBaiLi thermal wave heater used material is tungsten wire, it is a kind of excellent stability of metal materials, coupled with the protection tube tungsten halogen cycle, high security." Conference, JiBaiLi has also launched the "ten thousand sets of thermal wave heater replacement bath bully comfortable housing project" the large-scale public welfare activities, consumer can through JiBaiLi website or official weibo to participate in the activities. As long as customers provide JiBaiLi bath bully explosion real photos in the home and identity information, JiBaiLi company will free replacement a thermal wave heaters. If consumers consider home bath bully existence safe hidden trouble, also can be in official website to apply for, JiBaiLi will according to the market price 5 fold preferential dynamics change bath bully for consumers.
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